All Good Things Must Come To An EndWhen one door closes, another one opens.  Have you ever had this happen to you?  You are on a certain path and everything is going as planned.  All of a sudden something happens that makes you realize you may not be heading down the path you “thought” you were meant to take…

This very thing happened to me recently and I’ve briefly shared this with you in my post “Okay, So What’s The Next Step!“.

For those of you who are fairly new to the New Super Affiliate Blog, let me share with you my brief story.  Yes, I promise it will be brief.
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How To Never Run Out Of Fresh Content For Your BlogHave you ever run across this problem?  All of a sudden you just can’t figure out what the heck you’re going to say in tomorrows post or you’ve been racking your brain but nothing is flowing at all!

This has only happened to me a few times I will admit.  It seems like I always have something to say.  I’ve either learned something new or as I’ve been blog commenting I’ll realize that a few people have posted about a topic I wasn’t aware of.  I would research a little further and then share what I had learned with my readers.   That has actually happened to me a lot.

Just in case I’m going to share with you how to never run out of fresh content for your blog.
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How To Build A Blogging CommunityLast November I joined the “Forward to Marketing” training community with the sole purpose of learning how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch.  Not just promote affiliate products but actually build a business.

I’ve invested in myself in the past and failed miserably but my intention has always been to succeed.

Now I’ve been online for several years so this isn’t my first rodeo.  Although I have been making a full-time living working at home, I’m not up there in the top income bracket by any means.  I’ve been promoting affiliate products for some time now but I wasn’t really building a business.  Big difference in case you were wondering.
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Confession Time, My May Stats Are InWhere the heck has this year gone.  May is now in the past and June has already arrived.  I can’t believe that I just finished my sixth month anniversary with my New Super Affiliate Blog.

Old Faithfuls

For those of you who have been following my blog closely, you know that I’ve been very open and honest with each of you about this journey I am on.  I’ve been either sharing what I have been doing each week in order to continue driving traffic to my sites and make those sales or I have been sharing something I have learned that I felt might be of benefit to you.
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How Subscribing to RSS Feeds Can Make Your Life Easier Confession time..

When I first joined the online industry I had no clue what an RSS Feed was.  That’s right..  Every time someone said to subscribe to their RSS Feed I thought it meant I was signing up for more information.  Being brand new I was already in information overload, I sure didn’t want more.  But I honestly didn’t know what I was signing up for either.  Isn’t that how it is with everyone who is new and we just don’t know things yet?

When I finally learned what it was and why they were important I felt kind of ridiculous.

That’s why I thought I would share with you in today’s video what an RSS Feed is, why it’s important and how subscribing to RSS Feeds can make your life easier.
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Give Me 7 Minutes And I'll Show You How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Fan PageAs I continue on this journey of learning how to get more traffic to my sites, now it’s time to concentrate on getting more likes to my Facebook Fan Page.

I started this journey in November of 2010 but I didn’t put up my Fan Page until February 20th of this year.  I know, I drug my feet for way too long.

I did actually get 29 fans in less than five day though so that was exciting.  Most of those came from my Facebook friends because I posted on my wall that I had just created my page and really could use their support. [I want to read more...]