New Month, New Look, New Stats..

April 1, 2011

New Month, New Look, New Stats..I can’t believe March is behind us already and I have been on this journey for four months now.  That’s right, March 28th was my four month anniversary with my New Super Affiliate site.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

So with the beginning of a new month I decided to give my blog a new look.  Nothing fancy as I’m sure most of you can tell by now that I do like the simple look.

If You Are New Here

If you are a regular visitor to my blog then you know why I’m here.  You’ve heard my story of why I created this blog, why I’m promoting the New Super Affiliate and what I intend to accomplish with this.

If you are fairly new then I encourage you to be sure and read my first post “An Introduction to New Super Affiliate Blog“.  I know it will help you learn more about me and understand why I’m on this particular journey.

Last Month’s Progress

If you read my February stats report, “Drum Roll Please… My February Rocked!“, then you know I finally got around to creating a few sites I had been dragging my feet on.  Better late than never is all I can say…

Before I jump into my regular stats for the month of March, I thought I would share with you how my other sites are doing as well.

Facebook Fan Page

My Fan Page was one of those sites I drug my feet on so I didn’t even get it created until February 23rd.  It was easy to set up but I did have a few problems with the script.  What else is new right!  If something’s going to go wrong, it’s going to happen to me.

Since it’s inception, I now have 116 fans and have had 697 visits since I created the page.  I send out a message every weekday and invite 10 people to “Like” my site.  Hey, I think that’s pretty good overall.

So if you want to show me some support and help me out with this, I would appreciate you “Liking” my page and if you send me a message, I’ll return the favor if you have one as well.


On to my YouTube channel, which was the other site I finally created.  Got that one up and going on February 20th and I now have 11 videos, 193 friends and 21 subscribers.  Not to shabby if I say so myself.

I do enjoy creating “how to” videos because I find them to be the most helpful so please be sure to visit my channel and subscribe so you can keep updated when my new ones go live.  I can always use the support and if you want to be friends just send me a request and let’s connect there as well.

My Split Testing

Last month I reported that I’ve been split testing my squeeze pages trying to see which one is the winner.  My fancy nice original squeeze page with my name across the top and a lot of color or the plain Jane one that others swear will beat out the fancy ones any day.  So do we have a winner yet?

New Look, New Month, New Stats

Well, no green light yet but my original squeeze page still seems to be in the lead.  This has been running since the 9th of February so I think I still need more visitors to this site before we can decide if there is a clear winner.  Still scratching my head over which direction I’ll go from here.

The Fun Part

So now let’s get to the fun part or at least it is for me.  I love checking my stats each month to see how I’m doing with my traffic, my opt-ins and my sales.  It’s really exciting when you start something new and watch it grow each month.

This is the whole purpose of this blog.  To show you what I’m doing, where my traffic is coming from, how many opt-ins I’m getting each month and how many of those are leading to sales.

So where is my traffic coming from?

  • Facebook (My profile, Fan Page and RSS feeds)
  • Google (Organic searches)
  • Twitter (Trusty old Twitter plus RSS comment feeds, don’t forget to follow me)
  • Blog Commenting (Oh how I do love visiting other blogs and commenting)
  • Clever Marketer Community (A cool community I joined a few weeks ago.  A special thank you to Jon Alford for inviting me to join this community that is run by Heather Stephens)
  • Article Marketing (EZine Articles and ArticlesBase are still hanging in there, for now that is)
  • YouTube (My “how to” videos are doing great, don’t forget to subscribe)

If you can believe this, these sources of traffic are listed in the order of the most visits I’ve received as per my Google Analytics reports.

I’m really surprised that Facebook has taken the lead since I haven’t been spending as much time there.  I can only assume it’s a combination of posting my blog posts to my Facebook profile, posting my RSS comment feeds to my Facebook profile and creating my Fan Page.

I would love to hear how others are doing with their Fan Pages.  How many fans do you have and how long did it take you to really get it going?  What are you doing to get people to like your page?  Yep, I’m definitely asking for help here.  I think that over 100 in a month is pretty good.  Or maybe it’s just me.

So let’s take a look at my overall traffic stats from trusty old Google Analytics.

New Month, New Look, New Stats..

My stats continue to rise with each month and look how much time people are spending on my blog!  WOW!!!  I’m excited…  My new visits aren’t as high as the month before but wait until you check out my opt-ins and my sales so I’m still pretty stoked about these results….  Remember, this is month FOUR!!!

Here Come My Opt-Ins

New Month, New Look, New Stats..

So last month I had a total of 65 opt-ins to my site and this month I have a total of 94 opt-ins which is an increase of 29.  That’s the exact same number I had last month.  29 new opt-ins each month ain’t half bad…  But how many sales did I get this month?

Drum roll please…  I made 4 sales this month..  So as of the end of February I had made 5 sales total which equaled $155 in commissions.  Add the 4 I made this month alone and that’s now a total of $263 in commissions.  Dang, I’m liking those results.

You have to remember that my product only cost $27 and the upsale is the site itself with everything for just $47.  So for this price I think I’m doing better as each month passes.

How About The Giveaways

I reported a couple weeks ago that I had started implementing giveaways so I don’t have a lot to report about that yet.  I got a very slow start to it and haven’t spent as much time on that as I should have but I hope to really have a peak with my opt-ins and my sales by the end of April and my next report.

Pretty bold words to say out loud for all to read right!  But I’m doing the work, I’m driving the traffic to my sites, I’m working hard to do what’s needed in order to build this business the right way so I’m holding myself to it.  Guess we will find out if these giveaways paid off or not.

Wrapping Things Up

So that is my report for the month of March.  My traffic is still steadily climbing, my opt-ins seem to be holding steady at 29 each for the past two months now, but I doubled my sales this month from last month so all is good in Adrienne Land…

New Month, New Look, New Stats..I continue to drive traffic mostly to my blog where people are having a chance to get to know me, what I’m about, what I’m trying to accomplish and I’m sharing this journey with you.  Anyone who is interested in learning how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch I invite you to come along on this journey with me.  Let’s do this together.

Just grab my free reports, look over both of them and when you are ready, be sure to get my New Super Affiliate product which consists of 4 modules and 50 videos that show you exactly what it takes to get started.  If you want to find out everything I offer before jumping in, be sure to read my post “How to Build An Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch” where I spill the beans about what my product entails.

So April is a new month and I’m ready to dig in and ramp up my efforts.  I have one other thing I’ll be working on this month but it’s going to take me awhile to implement so you can be sure I’ll share that with you after I have gotten that going and checked out the results.  So stay tune for more scoop because you know I share with you what I’m learning so we can do this together.

Don’t Forget to Comment

I have learned that if I want you to leave me a comment I’m just going to come right out and ask.  So if you have anything to add to what I have been doing, anything you see that I can be improving, please be sure to leave me your comment.  Plus, I would really like to hear your thoughts on how you are doing with your Fan Page and if I’m on tract with getting people to like my page.  I can’t tell you how much hearing from you and learning from you has helped with this journey.

Let’s knock em dead in April guys!!!  I’m game are you!!!


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